By: Andres Taleisnik, M.D.  05/22/2015
Keywords: Plastic Surgeons, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

A surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat and flatten bulges. It is most effective for treatment of localized fat deposits, to improve shape and body contour, rather than for treatment of generalized obesity. Even fit patients who exercise and control their diet may have stubborn accumulations of fat that remain no matter what they do. Liposuction removes fat and fat cells, sculpting the body in a way that exercise alone sometimes cannot. Liposuction can be an especially excellent and gratifying solution for treating abdominal fat, love handles or prominent hips, rolls of tissue in the back near the bra strap, bulges on the inner or outer thighs, or prominence below the buttocks crease on the back of the thighs (“banana roll”).

Keywords: Cosmetic Surgeon, Liposuction, Plastic Surgeons, Tummy Tuck

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