Sombra Warm Therapy

Sombra Warm Therapy from Body Therapy Center

By: Body Therapy Center  03/03/2015
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Sombra’s Warm Natural Pain Relieving Gel is one of the leading topical analgesics in the market today. Proven very effective for basic aches and pains and for chronic conditions, it is a perfect complement to your massage. The gel comes in a refreshing orange-citrus aroma in 2oz and 4oz containers. Here are some of the benefits: Relieves inflamed joints and muscles associated with simple backaches, arthritis, strains, sprains and bruises. Alcohol free, non-greasy and does not stain clothes. Absorbs fast on skin with a refreshing orange-citrus scent.

Keywords: sombra gel, sombra therapy, sombra warm therapy,

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Sombra Cool Therapy

Sombra gel therapy is natural and widely used by Chiropractors, MD’s, Physical Therapists and other health professionals in the U.S.