By: MSNETWORK Inc.  04/20/2015
Keywords: Security, Crm, Creative Advertising

About this project Next generation of the private cloud. Create private cloud on your computer with mysafeAPP or our mysafeBOX. Start sharing data with friends and business colleagues. This is the first so advanced, secured private cloud with no compromises and data stays on your own drives. Meet mysafeBOX All of us are looking for the best protection for our private data and communication channels. The public clouds are not enough - they are unsecured, wiretapped, limited and slow. We invented a better solutions for you - mysafeBOX and mysafeAPP. What is it? MysafeBOX is a storage device powered by our special super-secured software called mysafeAPP. It delivres first in the world that solution to protect your private data. You can share selected private files with your friends and co-workers. Sync files across multiple machines. Play media on TV set at home. All this without monthly fees. Private cloud - feel safer is a private network which provides system connectivity. Now you can store all your private files and shared at the same time at any place without any restrictions. How does it work? What you can do with mysafeBOX + mysafeAPP + The most important feature is security (what was encrypted cannot be unencrypted without your will)! encrypt selected files on your hard drive sync files with mysafeBOX chat with friends or business colleagues using an encrypted channels share your files and directories with friends and co-workers create and manage groups manage your files and multimedia content watch multimedia content from mysafeBOX on your TV set access unencrypted files from mysafeBOX on your local network use mysafeBOX as a backup device

Keywords: Business Intelligence, business solutions, Corporate Development, Creative Advertising, Crm, E-commerce Advertising, Security, Web Development Consulting

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04/20/2015 grew out of a shared passion for security, microcomputers and usability.