Synthetic Urine

By: Pass-Drug-Test  05/26/2014
Keywords: Synthetic Urine

Concentrated synthetic urine substitute needs to be mixed with warm water and produced at body temperature. Often times when you are tested, you may be put into a room without water. There are a number of ways to use concentrated synthetic urine substitute successfully. The kit comes with two vials of our drug free synthetic urine, enough for two tests, a plastic 4 oz bottle, two hand warmers, and a temperature strip. Prepare it by mixing with warm water, tap water is fine. Put the temperature strip on the plastic bottle to read the temperature of the product. Place the hand warmers around the bottle to keep the sample warm, or put it under your arm or down your pants, next to your skin to absorb your body heat. Acceptable urine temperature is 90.5 to 100 degrees.

Keywords: Synthetic Urine

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