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By: Alex Padilla Bail Bonds  03/21/2014
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f your loved one, relative, or close friend has been arrested, they will be booked in jail and charged with a crime. The 8th Amendment of the Constitution provides the defendant, the individual incarcerated, the right to bail. Call Sacramento bail bonds agency now. Sacramento Bail BondsThe right to bail is permissible for most, but not all crimes. If the defendant takes advantage of his or her constitutional right to bail and does not have the necessary capital to post bail, our office usually receives a call either from the defendant or a loved one in order to arrange for the bond and the bond conditions. A bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court ensuring that the defendant will appear at all of the court hearings until the case is closed. It allows the defendant to remain free as long as no other laws and conditions are violated. If the defendant does not appear to all of the court proceedings, the court usually issues a warrant for the defendants arrest, the bond is void, and the bail bondsman is dealt with locating the defendant and bringing him or her back into custody to ensure that the defendant does not miss any more of the court proceedings. The amount of the bond is determined by several factors. For example, the likelihood of the defendant reoffending is taken into account. Also, if the defendant is considered to have roots in the community, a home, then the bond may be lower. The above are just a few examples of what the court considers when determining the bond amount.

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