Five signs your child may be addicted to drugs

Five signs your child may be addicted to drugs from National Rehabs

By: National Rehabs  07/27/2016
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Kids tend to get into drugs due to a lot of reasons. But the predominant reason is peer pressure. They see it as an escape route rather than facing real world problems. There are a lot of symptoms and signs that the parents might look out for.

Physical signs :

Physical signs are the easy ones that can be recognized easily. The usage of drugs tend to leave a lot of sluggishness in the system of an individual that the signs are revealed very soon. The sleep patterns of the person may change. Kids may start skipping a few classes or in the worst case they may even bunk school.

Body weight :

People who get addicted to drugs have a sudden change in their body weight. The person's weight either reduces quickly or increases suddenly. There will be change in their pattern of work. Their once favorite sport or activity will be totally neglected by them. The person's state of mind will be very reserved and they will maintain idleness for most part of the day.

Eyes and nose :

Blood shot eyes can be noticed due to sleep deprivation and frequent nose bleeds occur when they inhale or snort the drugs. Personal grooming will be totally neglected and their overall personal behavior changes completely in a matter of time.

Strained body coordination :

Slurred speech and unstable walk project bad coordination in their system which is a side effect of drug addiction. The individual addicted to drug may often get tremors.

Mood Swings :

Mood swings are very common and they are very much prone for different behavior. Drugs are said to affect the metabolic activities of the brain according to medical studies. This is the reason why people who are addicted to drugs show a different kind of behavior over time. They suddenly become arrogant over an issue or change their stand to an emotional point. There is always a wavering in their mind that prevents them from thinking straight.

Drug usage strains relationships too and takes a toll on them. We must have heard about many happy families that were shattered due to the drug usage and addiction of a parent. It is even more hard when your lovable kid gets addicted to drugs. Look out for these signs and if you get a doubt about their behavior, talk to them. Keep an eye on their peer group as we become the people who tend to surround us. Always maintain a warm atmosphere at home and be friendly to your kids. Be approachable to them in case they face any problem or need some help.

If you are sure that your kid is addicted, then approach them and talk to them. Let them know that you always care about them and always love them no matter what. Help them out and fight it together!

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