Artisan Natural Hand Crafted Perfume oils & sprays by Sharif LaRoche, Agarwood Incense & Bakhoor.

By: Agarscents Bazaar  11/14/2014
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**Free Welcome Gift of Egyptian Musk Superior perfume oil 3ml for all first time buyers!** Agarscents Bazaar specializes in Authentic and Traditional Indian and Arabian Attars, Fine Fragrances & Accessories. We carry rare imported products, such as 100% Pure Dhen Al Oudh (agarwood oil) from India Assam & Nagaland, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Burma and Brunei, as well as pure Sandalwood from Mysore, East India Tamil Nadu and Kupang Indonesia. We also offer genuine Ambergris Oil (Indian Ocean, White,Gold and White Gold), Pure Deer Musk Kasthuri and Fine Rose oil (Wardh & Gulab) Rosa Damascena, Sparta Rose and Bengal Rose. For charcoal burning, we carry high quality Agarwood Chips from Burma, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Khao Yai Cambodia, Malaysia, India Assam and Nagaland, as well as Sandalwood Mysore Chips and hand crafted Bakhoor from Oman and Yemen. Agarscents Bazaar is proud to present unique French Arabian and Mughal Art Parfums of the exclusive Sharif LaRoche Collection of fine essences - Classic French Perfumery with Eastern Enchantment; Scents of Antiquity. Our Collection of distinguished Scents is now including Solid Cream Perfumes (Creme Parfum) and Natural Perfume Sprays (Solide Parfum Naturel), and the 'Scent of Ages' Collection of hand crafted Incense Sticks and Cones.

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