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By: Classic Dental Smiles  02/19/2015
Keywords: Dental Crowns, Cerec, Same Day Crowns

What is a crown? A crown is also know has a “cap”, or a dental restoration that goes over the top of the tooth. Sometimes the tooth develops decay to the point that the structural integrity of the tooth becomes compromised. That is, if a crown is not placed, the tooth could collapse or break off. Crowns are placed on teeth to improve strength and extend the life of the tooth. What are crowns made of? White crowns are traditionally made of a metal coping (like a thimble) with porcelain laid over the top. Metal crowns are made of one solid material, either gold or another semi or non-precious metal (silver in color). More recently, a whole variety of solid porcelain crowns have been developed and are now becoming the most common type of crown dentists are prescribing for patients. The advantage of the solid porcelain crowns is that they are made of one material instead of two, greatly reducing the possibility of the crown breaking from the two materials separating from each other. By eliminating the metal underneath the crown, the esthetics of the restoration are greatly increased to the point where it is almost indistinguishable where the crown stops and the tooth begins. The other advantage is that porcelain crowns can be chemically bonded to teeth, greatly increasing the retention of the restoration. Once a crown is bonded on, it is very hard to get it off! What is a Cerec crown? CEREC stands for “chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics.” It is a way of producing a crown in a single office visit that combines all the advantages of porcelain crowns while eliminating the traditional methods of making it. Instead of taking a physical impression with impression material, fabricating a temporary, and needing a second visit to install the crown, everything can be done in one appointment. A digital scan of the tooth is taking with a camera, the restoration designed on a computer, and a special milling unit - the MCXL - creates the crown from a single block of porcelain. After the fit is verified and the esthetics approved by the patient, the crown is cemented into place.This is a great, efficient way of completing the procedure. Temporaries can fall off, teeth can become sensitive, or it may be difficult for a patient to find time to return for a second visit. All of this is virtually eliminated using this advanced technology. In cases where esthetics may be an elevated concern or we are changing the entire bite, Cerec crowns can still be cemented on temporarily so that one may evaluate the restoration over a period of time. What do you really think about Cerec crowns? They’re awesome! We truly believe that when it comes to crowns, this is the best service a dental office can provide. There are so many advantages that it is almost hard to summarize. The Cerec system has definitely improved the level of care we can provide and we are excited to share this innovation with our patients!

Keywords: Cerec, Dental Crowns, Same Day Crowns

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