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By: Elite Finish Detailing  02/02/2016
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Preserving our limited resources… We save water and our environment! On average it takes 30 – 75 gallons of water to wash a car at an automated car wash. 40 – 120 gallons at home with a hose. Using our cutting edge technology, we use less than one pint of water. Our Eco Friendly processes, do not produce any water waste which keeps our waterways and environment toxin free. We are committed to preserving our environment for generations to come and keeping harmful disease manifesting toxins out of human and animal contact. The wonderful part for you is, this form of washing is the gentlest washing technique for even the most delicate paint finishes! 1. No waste water, No run off: Harsh chemicals never reach the ground and therefore do not enter our waterways or water supply. 2. No Wash Mats Needed 3. Biodegradable Chemicals, all chemicals used on the vehicle are biodegradable. 4. Water Conservation – We use less than a pint of water per wash 5. Prevent Fines- Compliant with California City Detailing Code for water runoff. The fines start at $750 for both the vehicle owner and detailing company. 6. Eliminate Noise Pollution – our generators are ultra-quiet and low emission producing. 7. We’re Green Certified – The founders have both been trained and certified by a California Accredited School in Eco-Friendly Detailing practices. 8. The Founders of Elite Finish Detailing also founded Eco-Friendly Detailers, a company committed to Earth Friendly Detailing Practices

Keywords: Car Detailing, Car Wash Products, Waterless Car Wash, Waterless Car Wash Products, Waterless Carwash

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C.Quartz FINEST is an evolution in paint coatings. C.Quartz FINEST uses extremely strong and condensed nano particles with enhanced cross linking from a proprietary nano material to create a “3D” structure (See Diagrams) which creates a very tough nano structure. One group (O+Si+O) links to another by a special cross linking agent which produces the cellulose dense joint nano 3D structure coating, giving an extremely durable layer of protection and insane gloss.