Spray Vitamins

By: Good Gut Solution  09/06/2016
Keywords: Vitamins

Spray vitamins are sprayed directly in the mouth and allow the spray to be absorbed instantly under the tongue. This allows for instant absorption into the body by side-stepping the digestive tract. It is an extremely effective way of getting your nutrients without taking pills and drinking liquids. The absorption is immediate. Literally within seconds, vital nutrients are absorbed through the mouth lining and delivered via the bloodstream to the various parts of the body for immediate use. Great to use when traveling. There are 7 different kinds available: DNA1006 Vitamin Spray Vitamin B 30 ml DNA1001 Vitamin Spray Multi Vitamin and Mineral 30ml DNA1029 Vitamin Spray Vision Support 30ml DNA1033 Vitamin Spray Calm and Stress Relief 30ml DNA1005 Vitamin Spray Childrens Multi Vitamin & Mineral 30ml DNA1025 Vitamin Spray Heart Health 30ml DNA1028 Vitamin Spray Sleep Slumber 30ml Buy 1 and get the second one for 50% off Use CPNSPRAY at check out at GoodGutSolution.com

Keywords: Vitamins

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