State and Federal Marijuana Cultivation and Gun Charges Dismissed

By: Dudek Cintean Llp  07/09/2014
Keywords: Criminal Attorney, Defense Lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyers

Client was arrested and accused of cultivating a large number of Marijuana plants. Client was also charged with an arming enhancement. The original charges were brought by the state however the federal prosecutors quickly moved in and brought federal marijuana charges with federal arming enhancements. Client was facing a mandatory minimum federal sentence of five years and a maximum of forty years. The partners at Dudek Cintean, LLP were contacted early in the case. They investigated the case and quickly contacted the United States Attorneys’ office. After hours of work the attorneys were able to convince the state prosecutors to dismiss the case. After more work, the attorneys of Dudek Cintean were able to convince the federal prosecutors to dismiss their case. Client went home without a conviction.

Keywords: Criminal Attorney, Criminal Defense Lawyers, Defense Lawyer

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