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Online Waitlist from Waitwhile

By: Waitwhile  12/27/2015
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Waitwhile is a free waitlist app to manage guest waitlists in a smarter way. It’s used by over 300 businesses in 12 countries. Mainly by restaurants, beauty salons, universities and hospitals, but any business with waiting guests will benefit from it. How it works: 1. The host adds guest to their Waitwhile waitlist 2. Waitwhile estimates the current wait time so the host can give the guest a realistic estimate 3. The guest receives a confirmation SMS where they can see the waitlist in real-time on their phone 4. When it’s soon a guests turn, Waitwhile automatically sends a text asking them to head back. The host can also manually send a text alert with a tap 5. Once the guest returns the host marks them as served and they’re taken off the list   Features: • Personalize waitlist and texts • Customer insights • Waitlist metrics (wait time estimation, trends etc.) • Supports all devices • Real-time and secure. How to start: Create a waitlist on Waitwhile. It is free and takes less than 3 minutes.

Keywords: online waitlist, waitlist app,