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By: Let There Be Light Mobile Headlight Restoration Service & Products  01/12/2015
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Various headlight restoration kits are available Product Overview This kit provides you with all the tools necessary to professionally restore your vehicle plastic lenses without ever having to remove them from the vehicle. Your headlights will have that long lasting showroom finish once again in as little as 30 minutes. No special techniques or tools required. If you can scrub dishes, you can restore a plastic lens…it’s that easy! It’s simple, effective and permanently guaranteed! The kit includes, prep materials, a special LTBL abrasive conditioner and our exclusive LTBL UV protectant. You will find that LTBL’s DIY Kit works well on various vehicle plastic lenses (head, tail, brake lights & side markers) as well as many clear household plastics such as acrylic, Lucite, PET and high density plastics. We bring safety to light! Our Headlight Restoration Kits Guarantees You The Following: • Dramatically improves your driving visibility and increases you and your passenger’s safety. • Significantly increases the strength and distance of your head & tail lights. • Enhances the appearance of your head & tail lights and the look of your vehicle. • Considerably increases your vehicles return investment and resale value. • It is water-soluble and environmentally friendly. Features and Benefits Our products are safe and water soluble. They do not contain any harsh solvents and they will pose no damage to you, the environment, paint, chrome, rubber or other parts of your vehicle. It is eco-friendly! Other products do clean and shine but, they soon deteriorate after several months. LTBL’s kit gives you a true professional restoration that permanently restores and will not yellow with age. This is the true art of restoration. We don't clean your plastic headlights...our kit restores your headlights with a UV protectant that forms a resilient bond on the restored surface. This single product differentiates us from the rest! LTBL’s vehicle lens protectant is the ideal companion for the final stage of your restoration. Soon after applied to the outer surface of the restored plastic lens, it is proven to effectively guard against chemical and environmental exposure while enhancing the finish. When properly used according to the kit’s instructions, it produces the required protective coating that offers maximum resistance to cracking, peeling and fading. An Affordable Solution We all know how difficult it is to find reasonable prices for vehicle restoration services these days. LTBL’s DIY Kit is economical, quick and reliable. Your headlights will have that showroom finish again...in as little as 30 minutes. We are confident that our quality plastic lens restoration kit provides the ultimate answer with the longest lasting results on the market. It is cost effective and guaranteed!

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