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Clean DPF tabs from Clean DPF

By: Clean DPF  07/25/2016
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With Clean DPF tabs you decrease your soot output, in turn, helping the environment. Proven results using Clean DPF tabs include: Burn less fuel, Reduce DPF cleanings, Less maintenance, Save from costly down time of your truck, Save money. At Clean DPF, our main goal is to help provide cleaner air and a greener environment for future generations. Benefits of Using our DPF Tabs: +Better performance of your engine +Increased fuel mileage +Decreased soot output of your engine +More horsepower +Cleaner fuel system +Extended service intervals We are currently supplying several industries with DPF tablets including: Sportfishing/day cruise charters Line haul trucking Sanitation disposal Recycling industry Cement mixer trucks Clean DPF fuel tabs has been proven to reduce all automotive emissions by simply adding a tablet. Clean DPF fuel tabs nearly eliminate all smoke and particulate matter and reduce carbon-monoxide, sulfur-oxide and nitrogen-oxide emissions. Each gallon of gas consumed produces 19.4 pounds of CO2 emissions; each gallon of diesel consumed produces 22.2 emissions, but Clean DPF tabs reduces both the consumption of gas and diesel fuel. When you treat your fuel with Clean DPF fuel tabs, phase one will reduce and attack the carbon build-up throughout the engine first. As a result of less carbon, the soot output diminishes greatly. This allows the engine to run significantly cleaner which results in less fuel consumption. Read more:

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