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By: Higher Power SEO  10/29/2014
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Is this for you? If a company really is a scam, our reputation management service is not the solution for their problems. Our services are for legitimate businesses. We have helped companies whose competitors circulate harmful or disingenuous information. Even a company that maintains a satisfaction rate of 99.99% can find itself at the mercy of a disgruntled customer or employee. Other clients for reputation management services include people with high name recognition like authors, politicians or celebrities. Often a search for their name brings up others with the same name whose websites or blog post submissions are not something our client wants associated with their name. Reputation Management Google SuggestMany companies or persons also find negative words appearing in Google Suggest. This is a worldwide issue and has seen some legal precedent. For example typing in your name or your company’s name and having a word like “scam” appear beside it (e.g. your company scam). This seems to be an issue even if there is little or no search volume for the term. Your reputation – whether it’s your brand, or you personally – is an asset that must be nourished and protected. Too often, bad actors on the web can tarnish your reputation or trash your brand with a few keystrokes and a lot of exaggeration, if not outright lies! Lawyers will talk about cause of action for libel and slander, but the justice system and the courts are an expensive and time-consuming proposition. No one wants to endure years of bad publicity and misrepresentation. We have a proven track record. Reputation Management Sunshine All of the clients who have used our reputation management services have been ecstatic with the results. We have confidentiality agreements with them and can’t tell you who, but we can tell you how. Our methods highlight the positive aspects and actions of you or your company so that these items come to the forefront of the search results. This drives the negative results so far down they are no longer an issue. It is Google sanctioned. Reputation Management Google gThe need for reputation management often begins with negative content from blog(s) or website(s) regarding a company or person whose SEO rank is lower. When that person or company is searched for, the negative results return at the top of the list. Google itself suggests that we should “reduce [negative content’s] visibility in the search results by proactively publishing useful, positive information about yourself or your business.” Higher Power SEO only uses ethical “White Hat” SEO methods so there are no concerns for search engine penalties. Some of our Methods: None of these scenarios are uncommon. Businesses have always had to carefully protect their reputation and brand. What has changed is how easy it has become for someone to hurt your online presence. Our team of SEO engineers and experts can help you. New Websites New Content Blog Posts Subdomains News Articles Wikis Videos Article Directories

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