Let’s choose Health, let’s choose to Eat Organic!

Let’s choose Health, let’s choose to Eat Organic! from BioEmarket - The Global Organic EMarketplace

By: BioEmarket - The Global Organic EMarketplace  03/12/2014
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Let’s choose Health, let’s choose to Eat Organic! Health seems to become a disputed subject nowadays. When our grandparents were kids, there was the herbal medicine that was making the difference and was helping people stay alive and healthy, but all we hear talking about these days is the development of the medicine and the technology that could (just could!) help us maintain our health. When I was a kid, my mother used to make remedies out of plants and vegetables for all kind of pain and diseases. Now, there are pills for everything, even for sleeping or depression. We’ve become some kind of robots, programmed to work and work and get angry and stressed every time something goes wrong. We forgot to smile or take things slowly, we are always in a rush and we don’t realize that all that stress brings is disease. Because when we are under pressure, our immune system is low. And that’s how we get ill. Everybody is hurrying. People run after the train, after the bus, money or better jobs. In this rush, we forget to take care of us, being so preoccupied by how not to be late for work or how to make more money to buy that spectacular house we saw or how to have a perfect and satisfying job or relationship. In all the rush, we forget about ourselves. We don’t get to eat regularly, we don’t get to sleep 8 hours a night and we don’t get to drink enough water to keep our body hydrated. We forget to save time for ourselves or doing those small things that make us happy and distract us from our daily rush. We forgot about our soul. We become superficial and treat superficially our health. Fast- food and energizers and juices and all that processed food that has nothing natural in it contribute to our action of neglecting our biggest treasure: health. Nowadays has the food industry become a simply way of making money: Oh, you have a garden and you could plant some seeds and do a job out of it by selling vegetables. Great! Things get serious when the weather is making a fool out of you and in the end you can sell just a couple of tomatoes and potatoes. You can’t afford losing all the money you invested in this dream of yours, so you think about using some chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Congratulations! Your business is doing great, but do you EVER wonder about your customers’ health? Or you simply choose to ignore how your way of growing vegetables affect their lives?! Wishing to remind this civilization about its roots or maybe just because they care about the other human beings, some people thought about the ecological way of creating alimentary products. The respect for the nature and its importance and the several illnesses that people are confronting with nowadays lead to a totally different industry that is attracting more and more fans and users. Our grandparents used to eat only the vegetables and fruits they grew in their own gardens with natural fertilizer and the meat and cheese from the animals they fed with natural grass. And they were healthy and lived a long happy life. Now we have the chance to do the same and to take a better care of ourselves and the loved ones, by choosing the bio, ecological and organic products. It’s true, they are a bit more expensive, but if we do care about what we eat and how we live this gift called ‘life’, we should be ready to invest in our health. ‘’If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will!’’ my mother used to say. And she was true. In a world that puts the social status on first place, a world that urges to a financial and material greed, let’s choose to be different! Let’s not forget, in our haste to the peak, that the most important thing in our life… is ourselves. Let’s choose Health, let’s choose to Eat Organic! Author: Delia Visan - BioEmarket Team http://www.bioemarket.ro/news/let%E2%80%99s-choose-health--let%E2%80%99s-choose-to-eat-organic--174

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