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woke up one morning and checked my business checking account and to my surprise the IRS levied my account leaving me with nothing to run my business or pay my employees. One call to Tax Relief Systems and within 24hrs my money was released and the resolution team went to work on negotiating my debt. The IRS was claiming that I owed over 150k, the attorney at Tax Relief Systems was able to settle for just under 30k and I am able to pay it off over 3 years. I highly recommend this company! They ar


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Need help filing late tax returns in Los Angeles, CA? Each year at tax time there is a massive scramble for people to finish their tax returns and file them with the government on time in order to avoid late tax returns. In many cases, especially when one owes money to the government, it is necessary to file a tax return after the deadline. This is possible if you have the right kind of help. Contacting Tax Relief Systems LLC at the first signs of trouble is the best way to deal with a bad situa