By: rheosense  09/02/2016
Keywords: Thickness Gauge, Digital Calipers, Gloss Meter

Rheometer is a device usually use in the laboratories to measure the flow of liquids, fluids or slurry flow. Rheometer is the device that is used for the fluids that cannot be describe by single value of the viscosity. Small Sample Rheometer is a portable device that can start operating within one minute. Chip technology is used in Small Sample Rheometer. Accuracy rate of Small Sample Rheometer is 100 % that is able to use sample size as little as 100 microliters. Rhoesense Provide You Small Sample Rheometer with extreme accuracy rate which is very easy to use for measuring Viscosity. Rhoesense Small Sample Rheometer are durable & flexible which is able to measure viscosity at numerous shear rates these qualities make this Rheometer perfect for all industries.

Keywords: Automatic Viscometer, Digital Calipers, Gloss Meter, Linen Testers, Thickness Gauge