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Steel MBS Package | STEEL Mind. Body. Soul. from SteelMbs

By: SteelMbs  06/30/2014
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Product Description Steel MBS comes equipped with an epic 2-handed sword (name it whatever you like – I call mine Papercut), sword sheath (with a shoulder strap to carry your sword across your back), instructional DVD and indoor workout tool (for practicing on those rainy days). 2 Handed Sword The pride and joy of this weight loss exercise is the sword. Your very own, custom, 2-handed sword. When your fingers wrap around the hilt’s leather grip, and you feel the balance from point to pommel, only then will you understand. Only then will you begin to feel the power of this sword workout. Only then will you see that Steel MBS offers what other workout programs can’t: the opportunity to bolster your physical strength and mental strength through awesome sauce sword training! Sword Sheath Every sword needs a home, and that’s why our package comes with a leather sheath to protect your new baby (insert awesome sword name here). The sheath comes equipped with an adjustable strap so that you can sling your steel over your shoulder like a bamf! Seriously though, it looks badass, and you feel badass. Indoor Workout Tool It’s raining or snowing or 104 degrees and you don’t feel like dealing with that. We understand. That’s why we include an indoor workout tool with your purchase. Just make sure to move the coffee table and scoot the lazyboy back a bit. Create some space and get moving. No excuses!

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