Rainbows Over Ruins

By: Susan Sherayko  05/07/2014
Keywords: Career Development, Personal Coach, Career Coach

Book: When a landslide destroyed their home, Susan and her husband Peter relied on instinct to rebuild their lives. Becoming aware that what they were doing unconsciously paralleled the processes described in traditional success literature, Susan wondered if she could tell others that the process yielded results when applied consciously. Setting off to prove it to herself, Susan becomes an example, sharing experiences that will help you open your mind and provide tools for you to use the creative process. Has she discovered the key to consciously create the life we desire? Whatever circumstances or events surround you, can you choose rainbows over ruins? To find out, order Rainbows Over Ruins.

Keywords: Accountability, Career Coach, Career Development, Life Coaches, Personal Coach, Personal Life Coach, Professional Coaching, Success Coach

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"Rainbows Over Ruins"

Wife, coach and successful producer Susan Sherayko shares her personal journey of healing after her home was ruined in a landslide, during which she discovers an inner system of creative thinking and rebuilding that includes tools such as asking the right questions, positive visions and making conscious choices.


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