"Rainbows Over Ruins"

"Rainbows Over Ruins" from Susan Sherayko

By: Susan Sherayko  07/15/2014
Keywords: creativity, creative process, goals, Rainbows Over Ruins, crisis, success principles

Rainbows Over Ruins focuses on both an inner and outer journey, providing insights on how we transition through phases of our lives as Susan presents the creative process that can change your life and raise your awareness. She believes we can all realize our creative dreams. You can accomplish your goals. You can choose rainbows over ruins. Rainbows Over Ruins may have come out of a life altering crises, but you do not have to be in crisis to benefit from Susan’s story. Together, the book and companion reader gifts can help you define where you are and where you want to be, and show you how to put together a plan to get there. Author Susan Sherayko invites you to follow her journey and gain insights into fundamental success principles along the way. Workbook – Utilize exercises to work through the process while you are reading the book. Available as a reader gift to accompany the book Rainbows Over Ruins.

Keywords: creativity, creative process, goals, Rainbows Over Ruins, crisis, success principles

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Rainbows Over Ruins

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