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By: Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab  08/25/2015
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The key to resolving chronic injury is to understand the compensations associated with the breakdown in functional movement, structural symmetry, muscle firing, and change in core communication. The SportsChiroTherapy Protocol allows identification and alleviation of the compensations, restores structural symmetry, provides proper muscle firing, and establishes proper ore communication. This enables the body to create a platform by which we can develop the patients return to the highest level of performance. SportsChiroTherapy Santa Cruz CORE is home to the founder of SportsChiroTherapy (TM). Dr Rhodes teaches our chiropractors and other professionals in the field this unique protocol that yields incredible results. Step 1: Hanson Manual Therapy The core theory of HMT is that muscular imbalance is the cause of injuries and decreased performance. HMT utilizes patient muscle feedback with indicator muscle testing to select the primary points of treatment for each individual condition.HMT is unique in that it combines acupuncture meridian lines, muscle testing, and trigger point therapy to create a comprehensive soft tissue technique. Step 2: Chiropractic Reestablishing structural symmetry and function with manual and applied adjustments. Chiropractic functions to improve nerve pathways to neuromuscular connections. Step 3: Selective Functional Movement Assessment SMFA is designed to breakdown the fundamentals of proper movement and to develop a specified exercise program to help reestablish authentic movement, strength, and coordination. Poor movement can exist anywhere in the body. Poor movement patterns exist only in the brain. The unique combination of all 3 steps allows for the most efficient and long lasting return to optimal form and function

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