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By: Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab  08/25/2015
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What is Vasper? book Patented technology enhanced exercise machines that allow anyone to efficiently access high intensity exercise benefits in 20 minutes or less regardless of age or physiical ability. THE VASPER EFFECT Our health starts at the cellular level. Blood vessels deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and expel toxins from the cells. The efficiency of this process is determined by the amount of physical movement. Vasper stands for ‘vascular performance.’ We need health, strength, and vitality to achieve our highest goals in life. It is our commitment and privilege at Santa Cruz CORE to elevate your sense of well-being, rejuvenate your mind and body, and exceed your expectations. We call this the “Vasper Effect.” We invite you to experience it for yourself. “I first started using Vasper a couple of years ago. I was excited to try it out, and learn about all the technology behind the product. Within 20 minutes of my first use, I had the endorphin rush that you can usually only achieve after a much longer workout. It helps with my recoveries after strenuous workouts on and off the ice during training. I don’t feel as tired, I sleep much better and just feel so much healthier and stronger overall since beginning to use Vasper. When I do Vasper before my workouts I have some of my best workouts. I can maybe compare it to like a runner’s high. It’s unbelievable.” Patrick Marleau NHL Athlete ; Olympic Gold Metalist What is High Intensity Exercise? High intensity exercise, otherwise known as anaerobic training, is an exercise intense enough to trigger lactic acid formation and activate the fast twitch muscles of the body. Anaerobic exercise is generally achieved only through short bursts of maximum intensity exercise (seperated by periods of rest) such as lifing heavy weights or high intensity interval training (sprinting). High Intensity Exercise Benefits Improves your entire endocrine system. Elevates your body’s own natural production of growth hormone and tesosterone. Results in increase strenght and effectively builds (and rebuilds) muscle. Burns a greater percentage of fate relative to traditional aerboic exercise (e.g. running on treadmill for 1 hour, etc). Results in effective body fat loss. Many people do not want to do (or can’t do) heavy weightlifting or intense sprinting. Vasper makes it easier for anyone to access anaerobic exercise benefits in 20 minutes through its patented cooled compression technology. Vasper HistoryVasper3 Early investigation for Vasper was inspired by the amazing ability of young children to quickly recover from injury without medical intervention. Founded in 2009 by Peter Z. Wasowski. This unique and ‘out of the box’ technology is designed to provide the user with the health benefits of a anaerobic exercise in only a 20 minute workout session followed by a 10 minute rest with core-body cooling. The Vasper prototype (pictured below) was tested with exceptional results by more than 200 people in Honolulu, Hawaii. Vasper was further tested by the San Jose Sharks National Hockey League team confirming the outstanding benefits for enhanced performance and post-exercise recovery. Vasper was evaluated by members of the 131st Rescue Squadron of the California Air National Guard who reported increased physical performance, higher alertness and improved quality of sleep.

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