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By: GTR Telecom  12/09/2015
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We are happy to provide maintenance, installation and support services across the Avaya product range. We specialize in IPOffice, Partner, Definity, Merlin Legend & Merlin Magix phone systems and VoiceMail Pro and Audix voicemail systems. If your home or business has any other Avaya products in need of service please contact us and we will ensure that we can service your product successfully before dispatching one of our expert technicians to your site. We've all been there you've got a deadline given to you by your superior, you've got an important call coming to your residence that you must be able to take at a specific time, you have a schedule that is tight and you are given a guaranteed time of arrival for your service call yet no-one arrives at the time you've been promised, no-one has called you to tell you where your technician is, you're at the whim of a company that views you as a name in a database rather than fellow employers, fellow employees, rather than friends and neighbors... and we have experienced the frustration and helplessness that comes along with the extreme frustration of wondering whether your issue is even important to the people you're paying from your profits, from your lifes work, from your pocket. GTRtelecom is different. You may think "thats what every company would tell me" - and perhaps you're right, but we have experienced the issues that you run into with your business on a daily basis from both sides. We are customers and patrons who have worked for companies that did not pay the respect to its customers that it should, and we have become employers, employees and a team with one goal in mind - if the customer is happy, we are happy. We are proud to offer you the best pricing in Southern California and we are 100% confident that because of our mindset as partners in making your business better, rather than viewing you as customers of ours - that you have finally found cost effective and dependable service from the best in the business. Try the GTRtelecom difference.

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