Motorcycle Accidents and the Law: An FAQ

By: Law Offices of David Drexler  09/12/2014
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How common are motorcycle accidents?

There are many thousands of motorcycle accidents in the United States every year. California’s sunny weather and number of attractive roads, combined with the frequent congestion of our freeways, make motorcycle accidents particularly common in our area. Unfortunately, it is also common for motorcycle riders to automatically be presumed “at fault” when a motorcycle accident occurs.

Is there a specific type of attorney that should be hired?

When a motorcycle accident does occur, it is imperative that the injured rider contacts a personal injury attorney who has experience in the area of practice of motorcycle accident injury law, otherwise known as a “motorcycle accident attorney”. Motorcycle accidents are more complicated than your standard vehicle accident, so hiring the right attorney is vital.

What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Some possible causes of motorcycle accidents are as follows:

  • A vehicle driver tailgating behind the motorcycle rider
  • A vehicle driver stopping suddenly in front of the motorcycle rider
  • A vehicle driver changing lanes without first checking the blind spot and/or putting on their turn signal
  • A vehicle driver unexpectedly turning left directly in front of the motorcyclist’s path
  • A vehicle driver speeding, especially to try and make it through an intersection before a yellow light changes to red.
  • A vehicle driver not paying attention to the road due to the use of a cell phone, attending to a passenger, eating or drinking, etc.

    Motorcycle accidents can also be caused by non-driver factors, such as a malfunctioning or flawed motorcycle part, road conditions or construction. If that is the case, an experienced personal injury attorney can file an additional lawsuit on your behalf against the motorcycle manufacturer or the entity that maintains the roadways.

    What are the most common losses suffered in motorcycle accidents?

    Some of the common physical injuries and emotional losses experienced by motorcycle accident victims include:

  • Severe abrasions (“road rash”)
  • Fractured bones
  • Partial and complete paralysis
  • Brain damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Death
  • Emotional distress and posttraumatic stress
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Loss of relationships
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Loss of employment and wages

    What legal steps should one follow when they are in a motorcycle accident?

    Obtain contact information from any eyewitnesses who were present at the accident scene and follow up with them as soon as possible. Take photographs of the accident scene and road conditions. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney who can advise you of your of rights to compensation for physical and emotional injuries, pain and suffering.

    R. Klettke is a freelance writer. He writes about personal injury and medical malpractice law and other matters of jurisprudence.

    Important Advisory: This article is not intended to provide legal advice upon which you or anyone else should rely in making any decisions regarding the instituting or prosecuting of a legal claim. Laws and rules relating to the bringing of a claim vary widely from state to state. You should always contact a personal injury attorney to obtain information as to the rules and the laws pertaining to any claim you might have.
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