Personal Injury Attorney Drexler Chosen as Trial Competition Judge

By: Law Offices of David Drexler  10/09/2014
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Los Angeles, California - November 13, 2008 - For the fourth consecutive year, Los Angeles-based personal injury lawyer David Drexler has served as a court judge in the prestigious National Civil Trial Competition presented by both Loyola Law School and Greene Broillett & Wheeler LLP.

This high-level legal competition attracts law students from top law schools around the country such as Harvard and Yale to compete in mock trials that pit one team of law students against another team of law students. Aside from the law students, each team is further comprised of two attorneys and two “witnesses” and the team argues for, or against an opposing team before mock judges like Drexler who are experienced attorneys in the real-world courtroom.

While acting as a judge, Drexler, a noted personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer for the past 36 years, considers the cases as argued by both sides, hears witnesses and rules on objections and motions. Then, together with the panel of jurors (comprised of volunteer attorneys from the legal community), Drexler rules on the case and decides the winner, ranking attorneys from best to not-so-best. The winning legal team moves forward to the next round of the competition. After four rounds, a winner is chosen.

“Not only is this an opportunity to give back to the community,” says Drexler, “but ruling on objections and arguments offers me an entirely different perspective on legal analysis and decision making. I always feel good imparting constructive criticism to the students after each trial and I always feel as though I learn something new in the process.”

To be selected as a judge in the legal competition is an honor in itself. The National Civil Trial Competition selects from only “distinguished members of the Southern California Bar including partners and associates from numerous Los Angeles civil litigation firms.” While Drexler has been long distinguished as a top personal injury attorney and has earned the distinction of “Super Lawyer” from Los Angeles Magazine for the past five years, the mock trials at the National Civil Competition remind him of the talent rising into the ranks of the legal field.

“I’d better keep stepping up my game if I’m going to beat these new sharp attorneys,” Drexler says with his trademark grin. “I’ll have to battle with them in the real court one day as many of these young geniuses will become practicing attorneys.” With high-level attorneys such as David Drexler participating and imparting valuable experience and wisdom, there is little doubt that the soon-to-be lawyers at the National Civil Trial Competition feel much the same way.

The 2008 National Civil Trial Competition was held on November 13th and 14th at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles.

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