Preeminent Attorney David Drexler Instructs, Impresses at Prestigious Legal Conference

By: Law Offices of David Drexler  07/13/2015
Keywords: Medical Malpractice, Accident Lawyer, Car Accident Lawyer

Renowned Los Angeles personal injury attorney David Drexler delivered a presentation, "Attorney Fee Disputes" at the 36th Annual Convention of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys (ABPLA) Conference. Drexler is Nationally Board Certified ABPLA Professional Liability Trial Attorney Specialist in both medical and legal malpractice cases. A double-boarded Diplomate, he serves on the ABPLA Board of Governors as Treasurer and California Chair.

"Drexler's enthusiasm and honesty consistently captivates our audience," stated Reeve McNamara, the organization’s Executive Director. “You know you have a great speaker when you are at the end of a conference and all of the attendees stay to ask questions, wanting to delve further into the discussion. Our audience of veteran trial attorneys is not easy to please, much less impress, but Drexler does it every time."

This year’s conference took place May 14th through the 16th in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko. The ABPLA is a national organization comprised of leading trial advocates in the area of professional negligence law and the only organization accredited by the American Bar Association to board certify attorneys in the areas of medical and legal malpractice.

Drexler, based in Los Angeles, has been recognized as one of he most preeminent personal injury and professional liability attorneys in the State of California. A tremendous orator, Drexler has become nationally renowned as a teacher and lecturer.

Titling his address "The Fight for the Fee" and drawing on his almost 40 years in practice, Drexler discussed the challenges and pitfalls of split fee agreements between attorneys. He also covered how to prevail in disputes over the division of fees where attorneys refer cases to other attorneys, may also participate in the prosecution of the case and who may share a portion of the costs of prosecution.

"These disputes occur more often than anyone realizes and often end up with the referring attorney losing any right to collect part of the fee because there is no written agreement between the attorneys and no written consent from the client," said Drexler, who used examples from actual split fee disputes. He presented case law authorities, together with a visual presentation that highlighted the main themes of the lecture.

"These examples are cautionary tales of what can, and often do, go terribly wrong when lawyers making fee-split agreements fail to comply with California Rules of Professional Conduct that require all fee-split agreements to be disclosed - and consented to - in writing, by the client.”

According to William C. Callaham, ABPLA President, the conference - and address - was "an unparalleled success."

"At any multi-day convention, the challenge is to get attendees to stay for the duration. We finally figured out that having David Drexler speak last is the way to keep attorneys in their seats. David is generous with his expertise and knowledge, but the sincerity, humility, wit and self-effacing humor he utilizes in his speeches takes attendees on a journey through difficult legal principles, intense emotions and perfectly timed laughs. His story telling skills that have made him a top trial attorney, together with his intense passion, time tested tips and well researched supporting materials continue to make him a powerful draw."

For nearly 40 years, David Drexler has tried over 200 cases and has recovered over $150 million dollars on behalf of his clients. He has obtained numerous multi-million dollar jury verdicts ranging as high as $16 million dollars. LA Direct Magazine has proclaimed David Drexler “A big city attorney with small town values.” David is also a member of the CAALA, the AAJ, and the CAOC and has been recognized as "A Super Lawyer" since 2004.

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