Wrinkles? Know Your Solutions!

Wrinkles? Know Your Solutions! from Dr Berkley Skin+Body

By: Dr Berkley Skin+Body  10/18/2014
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Since the beginning of time, human beings have been concerned with appearances. As science and beauty techniques improve, so does the overall look and health of our skin. Each year, the world of aesthetic medicine evolves, and more treatments are added to the list of available solutions for smoother, younger looking skin. In the last 20 years, laser skin tightening in Los Angeles has become increasingly popular as an effective form of treatment for healthier looking skin.

The use of lasers to improve areas of the skin is one of the most successful applications in the beauty industry. With minimal down time, patients have the freedom to obtain a non-surgical procedure that will improve their look without disruption to their lives.

Lasers have the ability to regenerate collagen and elastin production whereby reducing wrinkles and closing up those large, unsightly pores. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and erbium lasers are the two types of lasers most commonly used in skin resurfacing procedures. Both work really well and give superb results; however there are distinct differences in the two. CO2 uses fractional light energy in a pattern to remove ultra thin layers of the skin. Recovery can take as long as two weeks. With erbium lasers the recovery time is only about a week and removes surface-level lines and wrinkles with almost no heat damage. Both are very effective for an array of conditions and are very sought-after procedures.

Another effective form of treatment to improve the elasticity of your skin is BELOTERO BALANCE® wrinkle filler. Injectable filler, it acts immediately to fill in lines and wrinkles. This dermal filleris one of only 3 hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers approved by the FDA. Unlike other fillers, BELOTERO BALANCE®continues to work with your own natural system to encourage collagen growth. Your skin will actually get better, with time, using this treatment.

Laser skin resurfacing and BELOTERO BALANCE®wrinkle filler are two of the best, most scientifically effective forms of aesthetic treatments on the market today. Skin tightening procedures, such as these, are beneficial for all skin types and have the advantage of very little down town for the patient. For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of the Los Angeles area's leading source for quality aesthetic services, visit Dr. Berkley Skin + Body at http://www.drberkleyskinbody.com or call (818) 763-0220.

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Dr. Berkley Skin + Body is the perfect place for advanced medspa, facial and various other skin treatments in Studio City that helps in enhancing the appearance of your entire look. For more details, give them a call at: 818-763-0220

Keywords: botox injections los angeles, facials studio city, medspa los angeles, skin tightening los angeles,

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