My Adventure with Porcelain Veneers

My Adventure with Porcelain Veneers from Studio City Dental Center

By: Studio City Dental Center  10/29/2014
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I have long had teeth that were in fairly bad shape, and I have tried a couple of things to fix them over the years. My biggest problem with my teeth was that they were discolored from drinking coffee. Despite brushing regularly, my teeth wouldn’t get any whiter. Someone suggested that the best thing for me to do was to check into veneers froma local dentist in Studio City. Dental veneers are a kind of treatment that covers one’s teeth with a hardened material that would help to protect them. The process of getting dental veneers involved consulting with the dentist, getting my teeth ready and finally, having the veneers put on, and you know what – it was about as smooth an experience I’ve ever had with a dentist.

Consulting With the Dentist

When I first decided that I wanted to get veneers from my veneers dentist in Studio City, I made an appointment for a consultation. The dentist was able to check to see if my teeth would be benefited by having veneers put on. The dentist also spoke with me about what my teeth would look like, how they would feel, and how long they would last. The dentist spoke with me about the risks of having overly white teeth, and we were able to settle on a shade of white that would look natural. This was great, because personally, I don’t like the look of bleached teeth.

Tooth Preparation

The dentist then needed to prepare my teeth in order get them ready for the veneers. This involved cleaning my teeth very thoroughly in order to make sure that food scraps would not be trapped underneath the veneers. The dentist also gave me an examination in order to make sure that I did not need something like a cavity filled or a root canal before getting the veneers. I was in need of an exam anyway, so this was a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of deal. Bonus!

Getting the Veneers

The third part of getting my veneers involved having the veneer itself put on. The dentist was able to do this by covering my teeth with the liquid veneer material. The dentist did this with the use of a non-sharp syringe, and I noticed that my dentist was very careful to evenly cover my teeth. The dentist then set the material with the use of a special tool that produces UV light. This caused the material to rapidly harden, and my dentist was then able to check to make sure that they were correctly applied.

I can’t recommend Studio City Dental Center highly enough. Anyone in Los Angeles would be hard pressed to find a more pleasant dental veneers process.

About the Company:

Studio City Dental Center is one among the reputed dental clinic in Studio City, California. Dr. Zareh Kouyoumdjian D.D.S. completed his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California. They offer complete and effective dental treatments to their patients including dental implants, veneers, dentures, fillings, teeth whitening, root canal therapy and various general dentistry services. So, don’t waste your time and get yourself treated from one of the best dentists Dr. Zareh Kouyoumdjian D.D.S. at Studio City Dental Center.

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