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By: California Cash  06/03/2015
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There are a number of reasons why people choose to use check cashing services instead of opening a bank account. The primary reason that people use check cashing services is because they don’t have a bank account, for whatever reason. Without check cashing services, people who don’t have bank accounts, would not be able to cash their paychecks. For those without bank accounts, check cashing services are a convenient and easy way to get a large check cashed. Banks have always been an expensive inconvenience to many people. Banks are a business. Just like any other business, banks need to make a profit. The way a bank makes profit is by sticking it to their customers with hidden fees, charges and overdraft fees. Banks charge an unreasonable amount of money when someone accidentally slips up and becomes overdrawn. It is virtually impossible to get out of the overdraft cycle once it has started, and most people find themselves abandoning their bank accounts. Banks use underhanded tactics to charge the members unnecessary fees for services like overdraft protection. This service is usually added to a members account without their knowledge, and supposed to protect the account holder from becoming negative in their account by covering bounced checks and then charging a service fee of around $30 per use. The trick is that instead of letting the account member know that there are insufficient funds in their account to make transactions, it lets them get up to $600 or more in the red and tacks on the additional service fee for every transaction. When opening a bank account, the customer will usually not be told about overdraft protection or even given an option as to whether they want to participate in this service. When setting up the bank account, a member can opt out of overdraft protection by initialing a waiver. However, it has been common practice for banks to lose these papers and claim the customer never opted out of overdraft protection. These are just a few examples of the ridiculous amount of money banks charge to use their services. There are also other reasons people choose to use check cashing services instead of banks. The majority of people who use check cashing services prefer not to trust their money in institutions like banks. They would rather have cash in their pocketbook rather than trust their hard earned money in an account. Some people have come to the conclusion that they manage their own money more efficiently when they are in complete control of how it is spent, without worrying about fees or overdraft charges. To some people, bank accounts are similar to credit cards. Because of overdraft protection fees, banks allow purchases and transactions to continue well past the available balance on the account. It is like the bank is giving the account holder credit to make purchases on credit and allowing them to get in debt. It is especially difficult for people who already have trouble managing their finances. Check cashing is more affordable in the long run to many people.

Keywords: Check Cashing, Check Cashing Service

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