Freerunning and Parkour

Freerunning and Parkour from Olympia Training Center

By: Olympia Training Center  01/31/2016
Keywords: Gymnastics, Acrobatics

arkour training develops all aspects of functional physical ability through a variety of drills including falls and rolls, vaults and obstacle training, floor movement, bars and wall climbing. At its core, Parkour is the mastery of effectively getting from one point to another. Classes will start with the most basic skills, such as shoulder rolls, safety vaults, lateral bar movement, precision jumps and balance beams. As students progress, they can develop their skills and tackle more challenging obstacles like the Salmon ladder, Silk swings, high jumps and falls, warped wall climb, bar to bar jumps and slack line balance. The Parkour class also trains acrobatics and freerunning, the art of self- expression through movement in different environments including flips, spins, cartwheels, aerials and flares.

Keywords: Acrobatics, Gymnastics