Initial Session, Consultation and Hypnotherapy

By: Elaina Fletcher C.Ht.  08/04/2016
Keywords: Weight Loss, Anxiety, Hypnosis

Intake session allows about one and a half to two hours for your first session. This includes private time to identify concerns, explain the process, test suggestibility, condition for hypnosis and then your first session. Your next session is scheduled three to four days after this one to reinforce positive new behaviors after this follow-ups are scheduled at one-week intervals.

Keywords: Anxiety, Energy Healing, holistic healing, Holistic Medicine, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Natural Healing, Stop Smoking, Stress Relief, Weight Loss

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All Follow Up Private Client Sessions

Replace anxiety, frustration, and stressful living for a clear mind focused on what you do want to experience in your life, create the balance that will set you free to live the life you know you are capable of, not someday, starting today. Hypnotherapy can help you clear the mind clutter and give you the space to create balance, confidence in yourself and others, and a positive focus to create the life you've dreamed about now.


Initial Intake Consultation with Complete Conditioning and Hypnosis

Clear the clutter from your mind and finally find out what you really can do when you set your mind to it, hypnotherapy hands you the key to open your own storehouse of health, happiness and prosperity.