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By: Cooper Sewage  02/16/2015
Keywords: Septic System Repairs, Septic Tank Repair, Septic Tank Service

Hello people it is Cooper Sewage providing you with a helpful blog post about your home’s septic system. This post will be about how septic tanks work and how and when septic service is required. If you live in a rural area of Visalia then odds are you have a septic tank and not a sewer line hook up. Septic tanks require more attention than sewer service hook ups and just because they are out of sight does not mean that they should go neglected. In fact, leaving your septic tank unattended for an extended period of time is not only a bad idea, it can result in costly repairs and a smelly situation. How a septic tank works is water containing waste is transported down your waste lines into your septic holding tank. In the first chamber of the tank biological entities and other chemicals break down the waste in the water and cause a phase separations which makes the heavy solid particles sink to the bottom of the tank while, the oil based solids float to the top layer of the tank. The bottom layer build up is known as sludge and the top is known as the scum layer. If there wasn’t this phase separation, your tank would fill up with water very quickly and you would need frequent septic tank pumping. That is why it is so important that an equilibrium is established in your septic tank between the influent black water and the effluent grey water. Once sufficient phase separation has occurred in the first chamber of the tank, the water can leave the holding tank and exit through the leach field. The water leaving the first chamber of your septic tank is virtually free from suspended solids and rich in organic molecules, this is referred to as grey water. This water is slowly percolated through a series of perforated pipes known as the leach field into the ground and surrounding soil. This water, being rich in organic material, has some beneficial uses to the soil and can supply it with natural nutrients. That is how a septic system works in its entirety. So what should the homeowner do to ensure that their tank never overflows and the septic system works perfectly for many years? Well the first thing is preventive maintenance. This can include but is not limited to chemical treatment, hydro jetting, and routine pumping. Chemical treatment of your septic tank can increase the amount of waste digestion and the decrease the total amount of water stored in your tank. This means that more water will be able to exit through the leach field and results in more time in between pumping. Hydro jetting of the interior of your pipes and septic tank will remove debris and mineral buildup and increase the longevity of your septic system. Routine pumping and inspection, typically every two to three years, is essential for maintaining a healthy septic tank and making sure the system is never overwhelmed. Fortunately Cooper Sewage is Visalia’s leader in everything related to septic systems. We have decades of experience and have all of the necessary tools to handle and septic tank service call, and our pumping start at just $400.00 dollars for most residential tanks. We also offer 24/7 emergency pumping should a situation arise where immediate action is required. If your tank is beyond repair and in need of a replacement we can also handle every aspect of the installation. We have all of the pertinent tools, licenses, knowledge to get the job done professionally and efficiently. We can also handle a wide variety of commercial and industrial septic service applications as well and we have all the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance to do so. So the next time you need your septic tank pumped, or you need a brand new tank installed call the pros at Cooper Sewage. We are standing by to answer your septic service, repair, or installation questions and we would be happy to provide your with a free quote. We strive for excellence and we demand the best results from our employees because our customers demand and shall receive the best plumbing service around.

Keywords: Septic, Septic Pumping, Septic System Repairs, Septic Tank Repair, Septic Tank Service, visalia septic

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