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By: Plumber JOE  04/21/2015
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Keeping up with the maintenance on a septic system can be an involved process. Septic tanks are constantly working to separate the waste from the water it is carried by. Chemicals and bacteria do work and break down the waste in a tank constantly and three phases are formed. The top layer is where the oil and grease particles accumulate. They form a film at the top of the tank that is known as scum layer. The heavier particles separate from the water and sink to the bottom and accumulate into sludge. The middle layer is the water which should be as void of waste as possible. The sludge and scum must routinely be pumped out or else the entire system will backup and fail. Typically, septic tanks need to be pumped every 2-4 years depending on use and tank size. The tanks are typically composed of plastic, concrete, or steel and are buried in the ground next to the building. There is also a drainage field that must be constructed to allow for the excess water in the septic system to slowly drain into the soil through a series of perforated pipes. The leach field is an extremely important facet in the design of septic systems. Without a leach field the septic tank will quickly become overwhelmed with excess water and need immediate attention from a professional plumber such as Plumber JOE. Another problem that can cause a septic system to fail is a saturation of the soil in a leach field. If the drainage soil has too high of a percentage of water in it the excess water from the soil will have no where to go but back into the system causing a failure. If you have a leach field that is marginal it would be a good idea to avoid the stacking up of water sucking home operations such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing. It would be best to stagger these activities and spread them out through the day if you have a particularly iffy septic system. If you require any assistance with your septic tank Visalia , do not hesitate to call Plumber JOE.

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