Avoid Common Plumbing Disasters

By: JMS Re-Pipe Santa Monica  09/27/2016
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Common plumbing disasters can be avoided by putting together a preventative plumbing maintenance program. While it costs some money up front to be proactive it can save you and your property from some nasty surprises in the future. Here is a list of some common sense tips that can help you avoid plumbing disasters. 1. Regular inspection of the water heating system A properly maintained water heater can last a decade or more. Since this appliance is used on a daily basis, it is crucial to have it checked at least once a month for possible problems. Lower the setting of temperature to 115 degrees F. You can do this by adjusting the dial knob or the thermostat behind the electric water heater. Doing this will prevent the apparatus from overheating. Always look out for signs that something might be wrong with your water heating system. Immediately check the temperature and pressure of the appliance in case you cannot hear a gurgling sound. This could mean that no water is being released to the drain tube. In this case, replacement may be necessary to keep every one in the house safe. 2. Upgrading of hoses and fixtures Homeowners should consider replacing rubber hoses with metallic ones. This also applies to other plumbing fixtures such as waterline raisers, valves, and pipes. In general, modern residential structures tend to have a more complex plumbing system. This is due to additional appliances that older types of house do not have such as automatic fire sprinklers and wet bars. The easiest way to look for problematic signs is to walk throughout the house and inspect the walls, floors, and ceilings. Cracks on wooden ceilings are often a sign of trapped moisture and leaking water. Although it is also possible that this is due to weak construction methods, it would be best for the home owner to immediately replace old rubber hoses with ones made from copper or stainless steel. Metallic materials are proven to withstand extreme weather conditions and can also last for up to 15 years. 3. Maintenance of sink drain Clogged drains are one of the most common reasons for a plumbing house call. Food particles, hair strands, and other debris can find its way to the sink drain and cause serious problems. Regular drain cleaning can help prevent this from happening. Don’t pour grease and oil down your kitchen sink. Clogs will build up over time if you do this. Eggshells are another item that you should avoid putting down the disposer. In your bathroom, install a sink trap so that hair and soap particles will not be able to pass through the pipes. This must be installed before the water in the bathroom floor starts to drain slowly. The sink trap will collect and catch debris that can potentially cause clogging. 4. Checking of main water shut-off valve It is very important for homeowners to know the exact location of the main shutoff valve. You can easily find this next to where your water meter is installed. This is usually located at the front of your house. This valve allows you to immediately stop the supply of water flow in times of emergency. Test it to make sure you can turn it off by turning it clockwise. If you can’t you need to call a plumber to fix it. 5. Yearly Plumbing Tune-Up Hire a master plumber to come in and inspect your plumbing system once a year. A highly trained technician like the plumbers from JMS Express Plumbing can identify potential problems before they become critical. Master plumbers will test the general details of your plumbing system and based on their findings, they will suggest applicable repairs and fixes. What matters most is that you have a preventative measure to avoid a plumbing disaster.

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