Preventing Sewer Back-Ups

By: JMS Re-Pipe Santa Monica  09/27/2016
Keywords: Sewer, sewer lines, Flooding

Preventing Sewer Back-Ups Nobody ever wants to have to deal with a flooded basement. Whether it is a summer thunderstorm, a broken sump pump, or sewer backup there is going to be a mess to clean up, personal property to replace and a basement to repair. Why Do Sewer Backups Happen? During periods of heavy rain, municipal sanitary sewers can become overloaded with a greater volume of water than they can handle. For example in Chicago if 2 ½ to 3 inches of rain falls in less that an hour there is going to be an absolute certainty of flooding. The majority of municipal sewer systems are gravity fed, so all of the water overwhelming the system is forced back into the sewer line. This flood of water can enter your basement or low lying drains as sewer lines are filled up with water going the opposite direction it typically does. Sewer water is not treated and it can be contaminated with all types of nasty things you don’t want your family to come in contact with. What are the first few rules of a sewer backup? Call the water department, call a trusted plumbing company like JMS Express Plumbing and most importantly don’t walk in or touch the water. How Can I Prevent a Sewer Backup? You can invest in a sewer backup prevention system. This is not a do it yourself type of project. These systems are professionally designed and installed by licensed plumbers. Sewer backup prevention systems typically begin with the installation of a double or triple-valve system. Systems are typically installed in your front yard, but they can occasionally be installed elsewhere depending on your home’s layout. They have been continually improved and re-designed over time to be almost unnoticeable in your yard, so nobody has to know but you! The valves will be installed in the sewer lines themselves, so that when the sewer is overloaded and water is flooded back through the pipes towards your home, the valves will shut and stop any sewage from entering your home’s pipes. Even better, you will be able to use your household plumbing even when sewer backup conditions are occurring outside of your home.

Keywords: Flooding, Sewer, sewer lines

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