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Pet Urine Odor Removal | Home Inspection Service from Pet Odor Removal Service

By: Pet Odor Removal Service  11/17/2015
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Pet Urine Odor Removal Service & Home Inspections for Homes with that have pet urine urine soaked in concrete, sub-floor, drywall or carpet. We provide structural urine odor damage remediation that you can't get from carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning products that claim to eliminate pet urine odor! If you have all ready made attempts to get rid of cat or dog urine smell out of your home and have not the success you need to achieve before installing your new flooring! It may be time to call a professional service to get the cat urine out! In most cases our clients have spent weeks & months trying with to do the impossible with the techniques and methods suggested by online sites that claim to have the best pet odor removal product, enzymes, ozone, recipe's, kilz, shellac and other products. These methods may work in controlled environment and for that particular problem but not yours! How can we help You? The initial home inspection service will tell us what is the extent of the damages in Your home and create a plan to eliminate the odor 100%. A 1500 SF home with severe cat urine damage to concrete or sub-floors and damage to all the drywall in the home could take 3-5 days from start to finish leaving your home smelling like a brand new home! We do not use any deodorizing products or enzymes to produce these results and that's what makes us the best odor removal service in the Nation!

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