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By: SSK Plastic Surgery  03/09/2016
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Feeling satisfied that your breasts are attractive and proportionate is important to your self-perception and confidence. Each woman has her own vision of her ideal breast size. The Problem Some women who have smaller breasts believe that they appear less womanly and less feminine. As a result, they may feel less confident. You may want to look better in your clothes instead of feeling self-conscious. If your breasts are smaller than your waist and hip sizes, you may long to balance your body’s ratios. Our Solution: Breast Augmentation With a small investment of time in allowing me to get to know you and your goals, we can achieve the important results of having you feel and look your best through the addition of volume to enhance the shape and appearance of your bustline. Are you curious to know what options for breast augmentation Orange County has to offer? We will discuss with you all options for Orange County plastic surgery--appropriate for your wishes, body size/shape, health, and value--by viewing and deciding on likely results. Breast augmentation or breast implants (silicone gel or saline, round or shaped, smooth or textured) to restore lost volume or increase size; a breast lift may be needed to reduce/eliminate drooping and tighten a loose skin envelope. We will discuss the pros and cons of placing the implant above, partially behind, or completely behind the pectoralis major muscle. Revisional Breast Surgery: Over time, not only do your breasts and the surrounding soft tissue undergo changes, but so, too, does your perception of body image as you reach different milestones in life. If you have had a prior breast enhancement done by us or elsewhere and have decided it is time for a change or simple “fine-tuning,” please schedule a consultation. We schedule to see you back no later than a week after surgery for your first follow-up appointment in my Orange County plastic surgery office. We will continue to monitor your progress on regular intervals and make sure your healing is going as planned. Most of your sutures are dissolvable and working on the inside, helping to support your closure over a period of 2-6 months; to seal the skin edges, we use either skin glue or ster-strips (fine skin tape applied over incisions), and these usually fall off on their own. You will be allowed to shower the next day and even get your incision wet, but I prefer that my patients not sumberge their incision in water (such as in a bathtub, pool, ocean) for 3-4 weeks. You may be able to return to work in a few days to a week, depending on your job and comfort level, and to resume most regular activities by the end of two weeks. For those of you who like to work out, I will restrict you to not lifting anything over 10 pounds for 2 weeks, sometimes longer. After that, you may ease back into most of your typical workout activities, but I may limit some exercises that activate your chest, mainly the pectoralis major muscle, for up to 4 weeks. We will discuss all these details, what bras you can and cannot wear, the duration of such restrictions, and much more during our consultation and surgical planning.

Keywords: Plastic Surgery

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