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By: Christy Sports - Ski & Patio  06/04/2015
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Fetching your Colorado Springs ski rental and snowboard rentals once you arrive at the ski resort is an unneeded hindrance – an unnecessary hitch that draws longer the period between your frantic escape from the city to relaxation. Rent skis and snowboards, if you happen to be in Colorado Springs before your ski trip and you’ll benefit from minimal crowds and prices lower than you’ll find in the mountains. The Colorado Springs Christy Sports is a full-service ski and snowboard retail, repair and rental shop where you can get fitted for your snowboard and ski rental equipment before heading up the hill. By renting skis and renting snowboards before the drive to the mountains you will receive discounted ski rental rates and discounted snowboard rental rates – simply by excluding yourself from the crowds of mountain shops and by obtaining your snowboard and ski rentals at Christy Sports. The true convenience in hiring skis and hiring snowboards is, for many, a city snowboard and ski rental shop opposed to a slope side rental shop. If you are in need of Colorado Springs ski rental or snowboard rentals this winter season, don’t overlook your local city Christy Sports snowboard and ski rental shop. You will certainly be pleased with the added convenience of renting skis or snowboards before the trek to your snowboard and ski destination. Even though it’s a bit of a drive to the mountains, our staff makes it into the high country quite frequently, making them an excellent source to help decide what type of skis or snowboard you want for your trip. Naturally, you’ll want different gear if its dumping snow – something with a rocker profile perhaps, and definitely a bit of girth – than if the slopes are running packed and fast – something that can carve up storm. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the conditions will change drastically during your trip. This is Colorado after all. A couple hours of blue sky, a white out and some more blue sky describes a fairly typical Colorado day in the mountains. The variability can be even greater when you throw a week’s time into the mix. So, we recommend that you be conversational with your tech about what type of skiing you like and your ability, because they’ll probably uncover your one-ski-quiver, that pair of sticks (or board) that’ll do everything for you – no matter the conditions. Our friendly staff at Christy Sports in Colorado Springs is excited for your visit, because we live to spread our passion for snow sports. There’s no ski rental and snowboard rental service that prides itself more on the quality of fit. So whether you need an expert rental tech to get your kids outfitted with season rentals properly – to ensure that they'll love the mountain – or you’re looking for a staff that will work with you until you are comfortable in a pair of boots, yet confident that they will support you and perform, look no further than the Colorado Springs Christy Sports. Book your ski rentals and snowboard rentals online in advance through and you’ll enjoy the unparalleled 20% discount that we offer.

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