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By: Dustless Blasting of Colorado  09/30/2015
Keywords: Dustless Blasting, eco friendly

This process uses a combination of crushed glass blasting media and water in a "blasting" process that is less damaging to surfaces than sandblasting is. This technque of using 100% recycled crushed glass eliminates the risk of airborne carcinogens. This is a completely inert, non-harzardous, not toxic substance and therefore safe to use around water. Unlike Soda Blasting this Dustless Blasting Method will not kill or effect the grass and plants around the blasting process. This is an “ECO FRIENDLY” that is safer to use in public areas than using other blasting medias. Traditional “sandblasting” commonly uses a “free-silica” media which has a naturally “open” crystalline structure that has the known capability of sticking to the human lungs. If this does indeed happen to someone, they have the likelihood of developing Silicosis, a serious respiratory disease. Since recycled glass is chemically known as Amrphous Silica, the human body will expel any dust as it would any other type of natural subtance. Our Dustless Blasting is also known as “Wet Abrasive” Sandblasting. The abrasive glass media is bathed in water and forced through a nozzle by using compressed air. We have total control over the amount of pressure to be used and therefore can perform a very environmentally safe and cost-effective solution to your cleaning, stripping and “removal” needs. We have the knowledge and skills of having been in this industry for a couple decades. Therefore we realize when and where to use correct amount of pressure whether we are stripping down the largest water and oil tanks, heavy-duty equipment, car frames, sandstone buildings or restoring furniture.

Keywords: Dustless Blasting, eco friendly

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