movement re-education

movement re-education from INNER FOUNDATIONS

Keywords: Fitness Program, Certified Personal Trainer, Personal Fitness Training

Inner Foundations mission is to ultimately assist you in being the most fulfilled person you can be and having the most satisfying experience of life you can have. This is less about fixing a problem then it is about letting you and your body find the pathways to balance. Corrective exercises and therapeutic movement that help restore functionality and mobility are part of this offering. By improving how you move, you can expend less effort and develop a sense of ease in life. Nyla Newman has been teaching Pilates for 22 years and yoga for 20. It has been a lifelong love of the body and its potential. Nyla is a certified yoga instructor and trained in 5 styles. She owned and operated a Pilates and yoga studio in Colorado Springs where she specialized in personalized rehabilitative programs until 2002. Nyla has instructed national teacher trainings, large group workshops and created a yoga program for the US Olympic downhill ski team. Her varied background includes being certified for Thai Massage, The Rossiter System, a GZ Sobel’s Parkinson’s Network instructor and trained in TRX/RIP, and Metamorphosis reflexology. Informing her work includes training with Eric Franklin, Liz Koch, Ida Thomas, and in Somatics, Yamuna Body Rolling, and more.

Keywords: Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise, Exercise Program, Fitness Program, Functional Fitness, Personal Fitness Training