64 year old loses 8 inches and eliminates hip, back, and shoulder pain!

By: J-Range Training  06/20/2014
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What better than to use her own words, "Until my doctor referred me to Sean Johnson, founder of J-Range Training, I thought my only option was constant chiropractic adjustments for short-term relief. The few personal trainers I'd met at local gyms seemed to give only a cursory look at my questionnaire answers, followed by a program only slightly modified from what they recommended for all clients, regardless of age, workout experience, or unique physiological issues. Sean's approach was different. He conducted a far more thorough assessment than I'd ever experienced -- using several non-invasive, simple, scientific movement tests to discover the exact combination of issues affecting me. His analysis was so perceptive that even though I hadn't mentioned the pins in my ankle, he knew about them just from watching me move! More importantly, Sean knew how to build a program taking all this information into account. He figured out the safest and most effective sequence for addressing all my issues, while optimizing every workout for my unique physiology. After working with Sean, I am stronger and healthier, with better balance, and most significantly my back, hips and shoulder are 100% better without the use of drugs or any type of surgery. I still look forward to my workouts, since they continue to evolve as my strength, balance and abilities increase. I can see and feel the changes, and want to extend my regard for Sean to you." - Marge

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