By: Victoria's Beauty Center  05/24/2014
Keywords: Massage, Day Spa, Spa Treatments

Massage Cupping? While our blood is responsible for collecting and distributing oxygen, nutrients and hormones, nourishing the entire body, the lymphatic system is responsible for collecting and removing waste products in the tissues. As the lymph circulates between the cells, it collects waste matter including dead blood cells and foreign materials that can be difficult for the body to metabolize. When this waste is not collected adequately or effectively it congregates as localized congestion. During cupping therapy, both blood and lymph circulatory systems are simultaneously stimulated to work more efficiently. This results in a more efficient collection and transportation mechanism for waste substances, depositing them into the lymphatic system to be destroyed and allowing the circulation of fresh lymph in order to nourish the tissues and generate a booster for the immune system. When we allow blood and lymph to flow freely we get happier, healthier muscles that are less likely to cause discomfort and pain, which means you feel better! While massage cupping and traditional Chinese medicine cupping are similar, the development of techniques for massage therapists are designed to mimic our massage strokes, which involves keeping the cup active and/or dynamic. This is to ensure separation of the tissues, which is great since we are so used to being compressed. “Cup kisses” can occur on the body in many variations of color. This isn’t damage, or a bruise, nor should it be painful. This is simply a visible indication of what your body has going on under the skin. Conditions known to respond to massage cupping include: • Fibromyalgia • Tendonitis • Cellulite • Poor circulation • TMJ disorder • Plantar fasciitis • Poorly nourished skin • Toxicity (substances difficult for the body to metabolize) Client benefits include: • Clearing stagnation • Relieving inflammation • Quicker and longer lasting results • Little to no discomfort • Stimulation of PNS (peripheral nervous system-allows for deeper relaxation) • Stretches connective tissues • Expels congestion • Enhances circulatory and lymph flow • Customized sessions (strength, duration, technique and frequency)

Keywords: Cupping, Day Spa, Massage, Spa Treatments