Windows 10 Coming July 29th - What Do I Do?

Windows 10 Coming July 29th - What Do I Do? from Computer Troubleshooters

By: Computer Troubleshooters  06/08/2015
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If you haven’t already noticed a new Windows icon in your system tray in the lower right corner of your desktop, you will soon. Microsoft is offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers. We are advising our clients to ignore this offer and to avoid clicking on “reserve your free upgrade” at this time. Why? 1.There is no compelling reason to upgrade now. Zero. Nada. Don’t do it…please. The old adage holds, “free” is seldom free. 2.The free upgrade will be available until July 29th, 2016. No rush. No worries. We will keep you updated on our thoughts on upgrading through the “free” install period. 3.Like all new releases of Windows, we advise waiting until the bugs are cleaned up. Even then, we may advise against it depending on your situation. Stay tuned. 4.Some of your applications may not work properly or some features may not function. Quickbooks has been identified as a potential problem, for example. 5.Windows 10 introduces a totally new browser called Microsoft Edge/Spartan, replacing Internet Explorer, which is sure to offer challenges and compatibility issues with web based applications many of our clients depend on every day. Specific Recommendations I have Windows 8.1, what do I do? •Windows 8.1 is supported by Microsoft until January, 2023 (although your current hardware will disagree). Windows 8.1 is stable and runs most apps problem free. The main issue people have with Windows 8 is the default user interface. Many people are frustrated with navigating through the tile-like view of applications and features. While the Start menu and Desktop views come back in Windows 10, we can assist you in configuring Windows 8.1 to look like Windows 7. I have Windows 8.0, what do I do? •Windows 8.0 is not entirely stable. You should upgrade to Windows 8.1 now. This is an involved process and we can assist you with the update. Windows 10 is not even an option for 8.0 installations. I have Windows 7, what do I do? •Windows 7 is supported by Microsoft until January, 2020 (although your hardware may disagree). Windows 7 is a stable operating system and all software is compatible and runs well. There is no reason to upgrade now and plenty of reasons not to. I have Vista, what do I do? •Mostly likely, your computer is over five years old, the threshold where problems making any changes are not worth the effort. Consider replacing. For the time being, we can still help our customers acquire Windows 7 computers (more on this later). I have Windows XP, what do I do? •As has been covered many times previously, here and in the press, you need to replace your PC. I don’t know what I have, what do I do? •Call us at 203-702-2103 and we can help you determine what you have and answer all of your questions. The Future and Windows 10 While we are advising against Windows 10 at this time, that does not make us haters. In fact, we are very optimistic about the future of Windows 10 and fully expect it to be as successful as Windows 7, but not yet. Perhaps in 6 to 12 months all the early adopters will have suffered through the initial launch bugs and the software vendors will have addressed the issues Windows 10 presents for them. In the meantime, be happy with what you have and contact us if have any questions.

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