Art in the Community

By: World Artist Network  11/03/2010
Keywords: Art, Music, Artists

This program is designed to provide art workshops to inner-city schools and community centers that lack the resources to have these integrated in their regular curriculum. The opportunity to receive arts education is central to the development and preservation of uniquely diverse cultures around the world, and there is not better place to start than home.

When implemented in public schools, art helps raise self-confidence while creating problem solving skills and communication. Unlike math and reading, when children create art they are always successful because there is no right or wrong in art. This gives students a sense of achievement and success, raising their academic self-confidence. Art teaches children to build social and problem-solving skills, and helps them recognize and express their emotions. Art focuses on transforming internal thoughts into external images, words or sounds creating a superior way for children to learn to communicate effectively. Studies show that the cognitive skills and spatial reasoning that art offers are essential for math. The communication of art often helps children become more successful in language classes. When a student becomes involved in an art program, the drop out rate dramatically decreases. Art is an exciting and fun way for students to feel more successful in school.

By working with volunteers  who donate a few hours of their time, our program also helps to get people involved and change the way in which community members, teachers and families see the potential of youth. Working inside schools and community centers, our workshops give children a safe place to learn, grow and explore in an environment where children are treated with care, respect and understanding. Workshops use the mediums of painting, drawing, montage, sculpture, dance, singing/rap, theater, music, reading, writing, gardening and any other practices that allow for creation and self-expression.

We rely on the donation of art supplies for these programs, since we serve low-income areas where schools and centers do not have the capacity to provide art programs or supplies.

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