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HAMMOCKS, TWO TYPES : MAYAN HAMMOCKS & CARIBBEAN JUMBO HAMMOCKS HAMMOCK Hammocks bring style and relaxation to any location. Our CARIBBEAN JUMBO HAMMOCKS are hand woven from soft spun polyester, unlike similar cotton hammocks they will not rot, mold or mildew. The bed of the hammock is woven with an extra tight micro-weave design providing the ultimate in comfort. CARIBBEAN MAYAN HAMMOCKS are based on the original Hammock designs of the early Central American civilizations. Upgraded with thicker weather resistant soft-spun polyester, these Mayan hammocks will not rot mold or mildew. Sized to hold 2 adults plus. This style of hammock is considered the most comfortable by hammock aficionado's. Available in over 10 stunning colors. CARIBBEAN LARGE HAMMOCK CHAIRS bring style and relaxation to any d├ęcor. Our Large Caribbean Hammock Chairs are hand woven from soft spun polyester, unlike similar cotton chairs they will not rot, mold or mildew, woven into the body is an extra long extend able footrest that enables the user to really stretch out. JUMBO CARIBBEAN HAMMOCK CHAIRS Are the LARGEST and most COMFORTABLE hammock chairs anywhere. These chairs are upgraded with a 55 inch tropical hardwood spreader bar with multiple coats of marine varnish. Thicker suspension cords, zinc plated 'O' rings and a decorative clew knot for stronger, safer suspension. Extra tight micro-weave seats evenly distribute the weight for that floating on air sensation. Handwoven from weather resistant polyester cord that has been soft-spun to provide a softer than cotton feel and durability in the elements

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