Keynote Speeches - Bringing Out the Best in Young Talent: Managing Millennials

By: RainmakerThinking, Inc.  08/01/2016
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When Managing Generation X came out in 1995, it hit a nerve and changed the global conversation about young people in the workplace. As a result, the book became a classic and the author Bruce Tulgan was able to continue his pioneering research becoming a leading expert on young people in the workplace. The company he founded, RainmakerThinking, Inc., has continued that research today. For more than two decades we have conducted in-depth interviews, focus groups, and surveys tracking the attitudes and behavior of young people in the workplace, how they are being managed, and how they should be managed. By the mid-1990s, RainmakerThinking was tracking the First Wave of the great Millennial cohort, born 1978-89. In the early 2000s, RainmakerThinking began tracking the Second Wave Millennials, born 1990-2000, when they first entered the workforce as teenagers in part-time jobs. All along, Bruce has kept his finger on the pulse of the ever-emerging newest “new” young workforce, maintaining a comprehensive picture of where they are coming from and where they are going in the changing workplace. This research has resulted in many books, including two books about the Millennials: In Not Everyone Gets a Trophy (Wiley/Jossey-Bass: Revised Updated 2016; originally published 2009), Bruce refers to the Millennials as “the most high maintenance workforce in history,” and gives step-by-step tools and techniques for helping them become “the most high-performing workforce in history.” In Bridging the Soft Skills Gap (September 2015), Bruce addresses the number one issue with young workers today and teaches managers how to “teach the missing basics to today’s young talent.” As the older (first wave) Baby Boomers are now steadily exiting the workforce, the simultaneous rising global youth-tide of the second wave Millennials represents a tipping point. By 2020, Second Wave Millennials will be greater than 20% of the workforce (much greater outside the West in younger parts of the world –- especially South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, and South America). Indeed, the 2020 workforce will be more than 80% post-Boomer — dominated in numbers, norms, and values by Generation X and the Millennials. In this presentation, Bruce presents his latest research and insights on the newest “new” young workforce, along with his decades of experience helping managers in hundreds of different companies bring out the best in young talent. Bruce separates the facts from the myths about today’s young workers. With verbatim (and often hilarious) quotes from young workers and their managers, Bruce offers actionable advice for leaders, managers, and supervisors to better recruit, train, engage, develop, motivate and retain the best of the next generation of talent.

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