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By: Sono Psychic  07/10/2015
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Readings ​A Reading will Give you Immediate insight into the journey ahead. Lauren is a truly gifted individual with extra sensitive ability to delve into the mind's eye to guide you with impeccable insight. Lauren is a 7th generation psychic/medium. Lauren has been doing readings professionally for over 20 years. Aura Clearing & Healings ​ The Aura is a huge swirling net which surrounds us, it absorbs and transmits all of what we see and feel. Experiences which make us feel good holding a higher vibration which slips easily through the small holes of our aura net, moving through our energy field. The negative experiences could be compared to those of a much larger and of a slower vibration and because of this it is believed they got caught in our aura net, we would then find it much harder to release these negative experiences, or to break them down. When we are exposed to negativity, arguments, tragic circumstances such as the loss of a loved one etc., This means they can potentially build up and cause blockage in the Aura Field. Chakra Balancing ​Chakra's are the 7 electrical currents that flow through the body and effect the spirit. The Chakra's are like disc's that store files of our emotions, good ones and bad ones. The chakra's tend to hold on experiences or events to reference your like's and dislikes. At times we can get stuck in routines or habits that we no longer agree with but the chakra's may still be holding on to a reference or file that you want to release. When this happens, it is usually at times we are trying to make change and efforts to grow, but usually stumble and keep coming right back to the issues we're trying to release. That means you need a chakra balancing to clear and release the unbalanced energy or emotions your spirit is holding on to. Please click the picture to find out more about the chakra's.

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Everyone has an Aura it is the electromagnetic energy surrounding your body it gives off signals about you. If you're happy is in a happy state other will feel that and you will attract things that make you happy. But if you're not feeling happy or energetic about issues and events that are taking place around you will continue to attract things that are making you feel unhappy no matter how much you change your thoughts or feelings. If you're on the wrong wavelength auric healing is much over-d