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By: Modsrus Modded Controllers  09/25/2015
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We have designed our new Xbox One modded controllers from the ground up. We've looked into every detail that a gamer should ask for in a Modded Controller. We've designed and built the most user friendly Modded Controllers on the market today. While other companies boast feature after feature, we focused on the ones we think are important, not the ones that are only used as selling points. Then, we made the whole thing incredibly easy to use and understand. With our controllers, you'll being using it the second you take it out of the box rather than spending hours to set up the controller only to change all those settings for the next game. We will take your gaming to the next level. Every xbox one modded controller includes the Master Mod: With the Master Mod, your Modded Controller will come with every feature we offer fully installed and ready to dominate! This is the absolute best modded controller in the game! The modded combinations and features of our controllers allow for thousands of easy to use settings, while not having to worry about buying new controller in the future! with our built-in features you can adjust your settings and speeds around patches and updates. It's Future Proof! *Rapid Fire Our Rapid Fire is the absolute best in the business. It comes standard on every Xbox One Modded Controller. This features 10 fully programmable Modes that can be set to any speed you'd like. Just turn on your controller and start killing! It's also set to preset speeds for the most popular games so that your controller is ready to use the moment you take it out of the box. On top of that, our Rapid Fire comes standard with our exclusive 2-Way Adjustable Burst mode and Dual Rapid Fire features. 2-Way Adjustable Burst allows you to adjust the Rapid Fire Speed of Burst Fire as well as the length of the burst (3 shots, 4 shots, etc.). Dual Rapid Fire allows you to fire dual weapons with Rapid Fire. *DropShot: DropShot will make your player fall to the ground as soon as you start shooting. As soon as you stop shooting, your player will stand right back up. This feature is absolutely deadly when you combine it with Rapid Fire and close range battle! *Mimic: Mimic mode takes our already state of the art Dual Rapid Fire feature and makes it better. With Dual Rapid Fire, you still have to pull both triggers taking your focus off the game for a split second. With Mimic, you'll only need to pull the right trigger and both of your guns will rapid fire. We've found this feature to be a huge benefit during close range battle. *QuickScope: This feature is another one of our fully adjustable features that make our controllers who they are. With Adjustable QuickScope, you can set your QuickScope timing for any sniper rifle. Try doing that with another Modded Controller. Then, as soon as you pull the left trigger to aim, your controller will automatically aim and fire with perfect timing. *Auto-Aim Zombies: Auto-Aim Zombies all make your aim automatically snap onto the closest enemy and stay locked on. Try it out early in a Call of Duty Zombies games. As soon as you start aiming, your gun will follow the zombie as he walks. *This Mode only works for Call of Duty Zombies and Call of Duty Campaign Mode. *Sniper Breath: Sniper Breath is essential for any sniper player. When you are in Sniper Breath Mode, your player will automatically hold his breath for you as soon as you start aiming. This puts your focus 100% on getting the kill. Plus, if you have to go in and out of aiming quickly, it does the work for you! Our modded controllers xbox one work with your PC video games too. You need to download one of the following driver packages: PC drivers for Xbox Controller (x86) PC drivers for Xbox Controller (x64) Note To use your Xbox controller with your console after using it with a PC, the controller must be re-synced to the console via the wireless sync button or USB cable.

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