Alzheimers Research in Music Therapy

Alzheimers Research in Music Therapy from BMX Entertainment Corporation

By: BMX Entertainment Corporation  12/09/2014
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In the United States today, some 1.5 million old people have been institutionalized for medical problems. About 80 percent of those have been segregated from the general population because they are living with Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. The power of music may be understood at some level because implicit memories are relatively well preserved in people living with dementia. Implicit memory is the kind associated with routines and repetitive activities. We tend to listen to music we like over and over and since Alzheimer's impacts the ability to form new memories, music we once loved remains accessible in the brain. Music is far more complex than I can discern. But we know it employs everything from our emotions, to coordination, to visual memory and parts of our brain that resource rhythm, melody, lyrics and harmony. Music, it appears, stimulates many parts of the brain simultaneously. Perhaps that's why it can calm, improve mood, increase socialization, bring back memories, and almost instantaneously bring to life the whole person. Virtually everyone experiences some subtle memory troubles as they get older. This is normal, and part of what makes Alzheimer’s disease difficult to identify in its early stages. The classic distinction with Alzheimer’s is that one of the very earliest symptoms is difficulty in forming new memories what will appear to be short-term memory loss. Other early signs can be place confusion (not recognizing familiar surroundings or becoming easily lost), difficulty with words, and trouble with basic math.

Keywords: Alzheimers, bmx entertainment corporation, Zekel Healthcare,

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